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Other Applications

Other Applications


Absorption chiller


If district heat or waste heat is available, for example from waste disposal, there is another possibility for comfort cooling with the absorption chiller. This is an example of the kind of system optimization Baode excels in. We have the knowledge and just the right equipment for providing solutions with both economical and environmental benefits. In this application the CFC/HCFCs influencing the ozone are exchanged to for example water and lithium bromide, both environment-friendly. In the evaporator the refrigerant (water) takes up heat/energy from the connected system, thus cool-ing the air conditioning circuit in a heat exchanger. The refrigerant enters the absorber as low-pressure vapor, where the liquid solvent (lithium bromide) absorbs it. The pump increases the pressure and the mixture continues to the interchanger where it is preheated in for example a Plate Heat Exchanger . Using the district heat, the refrigerant is boiled off from the solvent in the regenerator. The high-pressure vapor is sent to the condenser, where heat is emitted during the refrigerant’s condensation.



Heat recovery


In an optimized HVAC system, cooling and heating are integrated and waste heat and cold will be re-utilized in the system. Heat recovery is one often-neglected area where Plate Heat Exchanger s can be profitably used. There are large potential savings as soon as there is a demand for hot tap water or other types of heating at the same time as the cooling system is running. Some types of buildings where this may be the case are hospitals and hotels, or different production facilities, for example in the chemical, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. Baode has many years’ experience from both cooling and heating applications and from custom-izing this kind of optimized system.

The heat recovery Plate Heat Exchanger will be installed between the condenser and the cooling tower, recouping part of the energy that would otherwise be let out in the air. While recovering heat for pre-heating of tap water, for example, the cooling need decreases on the condenser side. Thus the savings will not only be the energy recovered in the heating system, but also the energy not wasted in the cooling system. Due to the extreme efficiency of the Plate Heat Exchanger it is pos-sible to recover up to 95 percent of the energy that would otherwise be wasted. This is often more than enough to offset the capital and operat-ing costs of the Plate Heat Exchanger . In this case the Plate Heat Exchanger may well be of the double-wall type, with double walls between the condenser circuit and the tap water, to give extra protection against contamination.



Reversible air conditioning system


Another system where heating and cooling is inte¬grated is the reversible air conditioning system. In this particular type of condenser cooling system there are separate small cooling units in each room of, for example, an office building. These chillers can be used as both chillers and heat pumps, de-pending on the season and the climate. They are all connected to a main pipe that carries water through the system. This pipe is connected both to the cooling source and to the heat source of the building.

During the summer, the heat source is cut off and the water will flow directly through the Plate Heat Exchanger on the heat source side. The water of the main pipe will cool the condensers of the room units and transport the excess energy to the cooling source via the Plate Heat Exchanger on the cooling source side.

During the winter, the cooling source is cut off and the water will flow through the Plate Heat Exchanger on the cooling source side with no change of temperature. Instead the heat source will now be in operation, and the water will be heated when passing the Plate Heat Exchanger on the heat source side. The room units will now be reversed, so that the hot water will go into the evaporators and transfer the heat to the rooms. The room units are now heat pumps.



Protection of sensitive sections


Our modern society has increasingly come to depend on electronics, computers and telecom solutions. It is of the utmost importance that vital systems and sensitive sections within for example hospitals, the IT and telecom sectors, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries are thoroughly protected.

There are two reasons for using a separate loop through the air handlers of a computer room, for example. If there is leakage into the room from the water system, the water volume that could cause damage is reduced by installing a Plate Heat Exchanger that separates the two systems from each other. The temperature level of the circulating water can also be better controlled and kept at a higher level, in order to avoid condensation problems.

With the energy efficiency of Baode’s Plate Heat Exchanger s there will be minimal energy loss using an extra loop in the system. Our “close approach” enables temperature exchange approaches of no more than 0,5°C/0,9°F.




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