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With its wide product range GHE PHE Systems is able to offer solutions for a really diverse scope of tasks across numerous fields. This is of particular benefit to our customers as they receive a broad range of services from a single source and throughout the world.

  Food industry
Food industry GHE plate heat exchangers can help fulfill the requirements of the food industry with a wide ranges of plates for most of the applications. .....
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Refrigeration GHE plate heat exchangers in rfrigeration as below applications: Economizer Desuperheater Subcooler Condenser .....
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  Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy   Fields of applications of Renewable energy   GHE PHE plate heat exchangers can be used in liquid product, for example .....
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Power GHE plate heat exchangers has been used for diesel engine and gas turbinefor waste heat recovery. The advantages of GHE plate heat exc.....
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  Marine engineering
Marine engineering   Cooling of diesel engines is the most important application of plate heat exchangers in the marine industry. it is mounted directly on the.....
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  Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry   The range of products for the chemical industry   GHE Gasketed plate heat exchangers are widely used in below industr.....
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HVAC   District heating   GHE Gasket plate heat exchanger used in district heating systems can sav energy . it is flexable to increase th.....
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Solar Maintaining the Temperature Stratification in the Tank Hot water returning from the collector should enter the storage tank about one-third of.....
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  General industry
Glycol saving   Glycol is used in systems with outside piping when there is a risk of the ambient temperature dropping below 0C/32F. Another cooling applicat.....
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  Other Applications
Other Applications   Absorption chiller   If district heat or waste heat is available, for example from waste disposal, there is another possi.....
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